Being on a tight budget really makes you exude your creative thinking. Aside from having no choice (lol), you know that you still want to have the most out of things around without shelling out so much. And now that inflation doesn't seem to be going anywhere for a while, you-really-have-to do things on a shoestring.

You'll realize that what I just said is true especially when important life events come like the little ones' birthdays.  Kids will only be kids once in their lives that's why parents work their ways hard to make each of it memorable and special. Then again, not everyone has the luxury of financial resources to do it yes?

Don't you worry. Money isn't everything. There are tons of other things that you can do in making your party special. And yes, your imagination is your limit! Otherwise, well... you can ask for other people's imagination (lol) just like in this post.

A few weeks back, my older brother and sister-in-law asked me to help them out with their son's 1st birthday. In this post, I'll share some of the things that we did for the party. We decided to have Sesame Street as the theme and you know how kids love seeing colorful things right? Let's start!

Chalkboards are in especially when you don't want to spend a lot printing big banners or tarpaulins. Just use the back part of an illustration board with some colored chalks and you're done! I would suggest you look for those hypo-allergenic chalks as there are kids running around during the party. I even used one of the chalkboards I made on the picture as the party's E-vite!


Elmo cupcakes! Yes! These cupcakes just made the kids super excited! There are a lot of video tutorials on how to make these cute sweets on Youtube. They're super easy and you can even create other characters from Sesame Street!

To twist the display a bit instead of buying those ready-made cupcake towers, I placed the cupcakes on top of these colorful train wagons and the cake on top of a brick chimney.  I collected my nephew's old milk boxes for it, wrapped it with used brown paper bags (you usually get it from buying stuff in supermarkets), painted it with colorful poster paints and placed some details like the windows and wheels!

For the centerpiece, we bought this toy bucket from Divisoria that costs 5 pesos each.  Inside the bucket, be sure to have something heavy and something to stick the sticks into so it doesn't fall easily. Use some colorful crepe paper to make the bucket look full as well. The parents of my nephew took pictures of him every month so what we did was used it as some sort of table numbers lol! So we placed his first month's pictures on one table, second month's pictures on the other one, so on and so forth.

The letters on the picture above can also be bought in Divisoria for 25 pesos per letter. The price varies depending on the size that you want. So I just painted them with liquid glue and sprinkled glitters on it to make it look vibrant and sparkly.

Here's the best part. Some would spend a lot of time thinking what kind of souvenirs or giveaways would they have for the party. In our case, we'd like to think more of functionality. Something that the kids will use for a longer time. Something that would make them remember my nephew's party whenever they use it. That's when we thought of Sesame Street eco-bags! Yes, eco-bags! These colorful bags can be bought for 7 pesos each in guess what? Yes, Divisoria! That's really where you'll find awesome and affordable thingamabobs in Manila.

So I just grabbed some textile or multi-purpose paints and hand painted these eco-bags with different faces of Sesame Street's characters.  You don't have to be good in drawing or painting to do this. What I did to make the size of the images the same was drew and cut out the parts (eyes, nose, mouth etc.) on a cardboard and used it as some sort of stencils.  I then placed it on the side of the bag where I want the image to be painted on to, traced its outline using a black marker and painted myself away~

We filled these bags with lots of goodies for the kids. You'll love it when you see the excitement and happiness on their faces. It's priceless! This idea is unique, personalized and most especially functional! Kids can even use these as lunch bags in school! How cool is that!

Uhm... And yeah, the big ones love it too LOL!

There you have it guys! It's not that much but I hope that it'll give you some ideas on things that you can do for your kid's next birthday party! I would love to hear it if you have other cool ideas! It'll be awesome if you share it here by typing in the comment section down below.

Thanks for reading and... Happy partying! :)

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  1. Love the cupcakes! 😊

  2. Love the bags, cake and cupcakes!! Nice job!!

    1. Hi Angela! Thanks for dropping by The Deksbook! I'm really glad you liked this post.

      I went to check out your blog and I love your under-the-sea concept for your daughter's birthday!

      Thanks again! :)