There's no doubt about it.  Technology has developed itself well. A lot of things can now be done electronically and online.  Social media sites have worked their way into bringing communication on a  whole different level.  From a pen and paper to a single click, it definitely helped our lives become easier.

So around two weeks ago, I was asked to help my brother and sister-in-law in preparing for their son's first birthday.  I thought of having an e-Vite or a digital invitation where in they'll just email or send it using their social media profile (like Facebook - since almost all of their guests have access to it).  We are on a tight budget so we thought that this is a great idea for letting the guests know of the said event.

I'm very pleased with the result on how we communicated with the guests as most of them saw and responded to our e-Vite quickly.  They liked the personalized design (you can also choose free digital invitations from Evite and Punchbowl) and the best part is, we were able to save time and money!

This idea is really awesome especially now that it's making a scene in a time where more and more are starting to be paperless. Then again, you have to take into account few things before you decide on having an e-Vite for your event.  I believe number one on that list should be considering the kind of event you'll be having.  In my own perspective, e-Vites would be great in events like simple birthday parties, get-togethers or maybe if you'll have something like "yay-we-all-passed-the-exam!" party, or any casual events for that matter. But for formal events like weddings,  debut parties and others, a traditional, well-crafted invitation would still be the best option as it gives more emphasis on the event's significance to the life of the host. 

You'll also have to consider if majority of your guests would have frequent access to email or social media sites.  Of course, you do not want your e-Vite to get super swamped by other emails or messages because your guests are not checking their inboxes frequently. 

Below are also e-Vite projects that I had for a couple of graduating music students.  I believe they printed for some of their guests but tagged most of them on Facebook. 

So on your next party, perhaps you can consider being creative and practical using e-Vites!

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