I took this picture way back year 2011 during our company's Christmas Party.  This photo features one of my dear former workmates and a good friend of mine, her name is Glenda.  I was actually very surprised when I saw her at the party looking so vamp because I am used in seeing her everyday with her boyish antics at work.

So there we were at the party enjoying ourselves and just like any other circle of friends, picture taking will never be out of the scene.  I did not waste any time  and I told myself, "I really have to take her picture".  I guess she had no idea that I was already taking her good angles because we were also enjoying the crazy "groupie" pictures with the rest of the group.

After post-processing the photos, I showed them to Glenda and she was astonished! She even laughed so hard because she can't believe that she really IS the one in the photo.

I'm glad that I was somehow able to show her how beautiful she is.  A natural beauty indeed, both inside and out.

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