DISCLAIMER: I am not a chef or any culinary professional. My posts about food are all based on my experiences which I believe are worth sharing to make people's tummies happy!

One of the perfect dishes, whenever families and friends go out of town especially if they will go swimming, is barbecue!  As Filipinos, we even like to eat with bare hands after getting off the beach or the pool (of course, we do proper hand washing first).  It's an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy dish but there is indeed a joy to it especially when you picture yourself out with your family on a beach resort, savoring the bond while preparing the grill, cooking, serving it smoking-juicy hot to your people and ultimately enjoying it!
Deksified Chicken Barbecue

Let me share my way of making this yummy dish.

You'll need the following ingredients for the marinade:

1 kg, chicken (or any meat of your choice)
385 ml, soy sauce
10 pieces, calamondin (calamansi)
1 bulb (head), garlic, crushed
3 tablespoons, brown sugar
1 355 ml, colorless, non-caffeinated soft drink (like Sprite or 7-up)
salt and ground black pepper

Before you make your marinade, massage a little salt to your chicken then set it aside.  The just mix all the ingredients together, make sure that the garlic is well pressed and depending on your taste, you can always adjust the measurement of the items above.  I too don't usually follow recipes figure by figure.  It all depends on your taste buds.  Now you might be wondering what's a soft drink doing in the recipe.  I learned it from my mom that using such item adds sweetness and aids in the absorption of the marinade.

So once you're done, you can now put the chicken into the marinade and let it stay in the refrigerator overnight.

For the grilling part, I like to mix some cooking oil with banana ketchup.  I brush it around the chicken to prevent it from getting dry plus it also gives extra smokiness and sweetness to it.  

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