I finally got the chance to do over my blog!  I feel recharged with enthusiasm and the light bulb on top of my head has just been replaced with LED.  I'm even surprised that I'm getting myself in front of my computer way longer than I was expecting without getting sleepy or squinty.

It's fun learning and playing around with some HTML and CSS codes again especially with my favorites, graphic design, and image post-processing.  I made the set of logos and icons above for the blog.  (Obviously, you can see them all over it hehe).  I'll be making more icons soon as I will be creating additional pages for the blog.  One of which will probably be about travel so please watch out for that.

I'll use this blog to share with you all my interests in food, style or perhaps anything under Mr. Sunshine which I believe is worth sharing.  The main goal of the Deksbook is to spread GOOD VIBES to everybody!

The new and improved DEKSBOOK begins now!

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to stop by and say I really like your Blogger design. Saw your post on Blogger Tips Pro a couple of months back and took a look. Keep it growing!!


    Don James

    1. Thank you very much Don! I really appreciate it. Yes, I'll do my best to keep my blog growing! I'm following Blogger Tips Pro by the way, I'm really learning a lot of stuff reading it. :)

      Best Regards,