Photography has always been my frustrated passion.  I love how a beautiful reality can be transformed into a still and an absolute piece of art.  You can tell a story by how you see and capture things.  You have this freedom towards your points of view.  I may not have taken professional photography classes yet but I'm really looking forward to being able to do so in the future.

I mainly use my Instagram account (@thedeksbook) for all my stills using iPhone.  It would be super cool if you could check it out and follow!

Recently, three of my photos were luckily featured on big Instagram community accounts namely:

I would like say thank you and express how grateful I am that my works were somehow noticed by these Instagram communities.  It goes to show that what I'm doing is being appreciated by my fellow photography enthusiasts and a validation that I should pursue this passion may it be professionally or otherwise.  There may be no monetary gains on these features but the mere fact that my works were noticed and praised is absolutely rewarding. Once again, thank you very much everyone! This is very much appreciated!

Below are the full version of my featured photos:

Mother and Child
Featured by Fotografia United (Instagram: @fotografiaunited) 
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Featured by VSCO Journal PH (Instagram:
Zoned in Elegance
Featured by VSCO Philippines (Instagram: @vscophilippines_)
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